BLACKENED® is whiskey re-mastered, a collaborative effort between renowned rock band Metallica and Master Distiller Rob Dietrich.

As unapologetic masters of craft in their respective fields, they’ve built world-renowned legacies by carving out new spaces and bringing their singular, incendiary perspectives to everything they touch.

Client: Blackened
Institution: WeHolden
Team: Louis Tumolo (Art Director),
            Greg Puglese (Art Director)

Original Bottle Design


Pieced together with gaffer and scotch tape, these collages were inspired by the DIY zines from the early days of Metal. The collages feature black and white images, bold in composition and dynamic lighting to convey a sense of energy. The images themselves depict the heritage of the brand, highlighting the masterful craft of each component behind BLACKENED.


These are the guiding principles behind BLACKENED’s design.


BLACKENED® asked for t-shirt designs in keeping with their brand standards. The following are merch designs pitched to the clients.



This series combines strengths of Master Distiller and Blender Rob Dietrich and renowned whiskey makers to re-imagine craft whiskey and create more complex expressions. Each of these limited edition whiskies are finished to their own unique playlist which is blasted to the barrels using BLACKENED’s  proprietary BLACK NOISE™ sonic enhancement process.

For the first release in the series, Rob Dietrich and Willett Distillery’s own Master Distiller, Drew Kulsveen, teamed up to create the BLACKENED X Willett Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey Finished in Madeira Casks.

Masters of Whiskey Bottle Design


Proper No. Twelve is an Irish whiskey created by Conor McGregor, a proper born and bred Irishman and one of the world’s most iconic athletes.

Inspired by his pride for Ireland, his love of Irish whiskey, and his upbringing in Crumlin Dublin 12, Conor wanted to create a whiskey that would reflect the values of hard work, hustle, and loyalty that made him who he is today.

Developed the concept, print advertising, social content, and retail POS for Proper No. Twelve. 
The brand reflects the persona of its founder and properly disrupts it’s category.

Client: Proximo
            Conor McGregor
Institution: WeHolden
Team: Louis Tumolo (Art Director),
            Greg Puglese (Art Director)
           John Woodward (Art Director)


Force Fields

Force Fields is a collaborative project between editors Sarah Linford and Devin Kovach with designers Aylssa Hamilton and Mary R. Zuppo.

The book is one half essays, interviews, and instructions that tell the story and history of printmaking in Rome and one half catalog documenting Impronte Romane: New Directions in Roman Printmaking, an exhibition which featured artists who worked in Rome for a significant tenure and are innovating upon traditional methods and approaches to print media.

Published 2020

Editors: Sarah Linford, Devin Kovach
Aylssa Hamilton
Typesetting: Mary R. Zuppo

This first section of the book is a collection of essays that tell the story and history of printmaking in Rome, interviews with the premiere print houses and families in the city, and instructional teachings from demonstrations had at the event.

The second half of the catalog documents the event Impronte Romane: New Directions in Roman Printmaking, an exhibition which featured artists who worked in Rome for a significant tenure. The work these artist create displays the continued innovationg upon the traditional methods and approaches to print media they learned while aborad.


When asked to answer the question “What are you?”, director Mary R. Zuppo came up with many answers. Puerto Rican. Italian. Jewish. Romatic. Catholic. Creative. Sagittarius. Loud. A long list quickly grew longer than any object, scene, or story could convey.

With so many facets at play, I decided that rather than show each individual piece, I would show the interscetion of this identity: me.

This concept would result in the creation of a self portrait focusing on light, color, costume, and subject in order to convey an a feeling of totality.

Director: Mary R. Zuppo.
AD: Taylor San Miguel
Camera G&E:
Daniel L. Krantman
Gabrielle Zita
Studio: Colorspace Labs


High contrast, dynamic lighting styles and commanding poses evoke the grounded intensity that makes up the personality of the subject.


Images Produced

The following images make up the body of exploration within the concept. These iterations and experiments lead to the final creation of the final image. 

Final Image

Evocative, ephemeral, and expressive, the image below embodies the spirit of the subject. Obscured yet seen, in shades of red, this portrait gives a soft intensity, glowing and seductive, the hallmark of its subject. 


Little bit of this, little bit of that.
Mostly my personal design and photography work.

Designer: Mary R. Zuppo. 

A playlist featuring high BPM, biting EDM for surviving trying times in the work place. May it empower you when morale is low and you’re tempted to compromise on your morals.

As time passes, we grow, we change. Sometimes this growth feels revealing, othertimes concealing. Created when I felt most lost, this image represents the feeling I have when I look in the mirror. Blurred and onscured, my image lost to the miasma around me.